Maney-Hawkins Meditation Garden


The Maney-Hawkins Meditation Garden is officially open to all, every day and every evening. If you have not spent a moment there at night with the lighting on, we’d encourage the experience. There are fifteen (15) niches in the columbarium wall that are available for sale. Each double-niche is 11¼ inches cubed and allows for either double or single interment. This is a remarkable value given the cost of cemetery plots and gravestones. (see below for more)

Four purchase options are now available to help make owning a niche more affordable:
Payment in Full = $2,500
12-Month Payment Option = $250/month for 12 months ($3,000)
24-Month Payment Option = $130/month for 24 months ($3,120)
36-Month Payment Option = $90/month for 36 months ($3,240)

Consider purchasing an inscribed memorial paver to honor and remember a loved one. Pavers are only $100 each, and our garden has plenty of room to continue expanding. This is a non-denominational memorial/meditation space and is open to everyone!

We are looking to establish a team of people who will be "Stewards of the Garden." There will be groups (either one person or a couple) who will be responsible for visiting the garden one week every month or two and performing required, light maintenance like pulling out weeds, raking some mulch, etc. It is an ideal way for retirees or anyone who enjoys gardening to help develop and administer regular, ongoing maintenance to keep this beautiful space beautiful. If we can get up to eight "volunteers" or couples, that means each group would be responsible for only one week every two months. More importantly, that will also prevent the garden from falling into disrepair.

Please call the church office (845-294-7991), Pastor Kingsley, or Wayne George for any additional information you may need about the Maney-Hawkins Meditation Garden.

During your visit to the church, take some time to sit in the Meditation Garden (or sign up and take a turn keeping it weed-free); or bring a special concern in your life, walk the labyrinth, and receive your answer.

The labyrinth is an ancient tool for prayer and meditation. It consists of a winding path that begins at the periphery and leads to a central space. The same path is used to exit the labyrinth.

Before entering, spend a few moments standing or sitting quietly at the periphery allowing yourself to become still and attentive. Breathe. Invite the Holy Spirit to be with you as you begin the walk. Enter the path and move at your own pace, pausing and feeling the curves of the labyrinth as you wish. Spend some time in the center of the labyrinth seeking awareness of God’s presence.

This may be a time of healing, clarity, or dedication of self. When you are ready, return on the path outward carrying with you any insights or blessings you may have received. Express your gratitude. The labyrinth is a place of beauty and sacredness –you will be blessed.