You Are Cordially Invited to
Your Wedding Day At

The First Presbyterian Church
33 Park Place
Goshen, New York

The Space
The First Presbyterian Church is a sacred space of great beauty for couples looking for a sufficiently large space to accommodate friends and wedding guests. We are an historic church established in 1720. The striking Tiffany stained glass windows over the chancel were completed in 1925 and are one of the last commissions by Louis C.Tiffany. Our sanctuary was refurbished in 1999 and at that time a professional lighting system was installed with special events like weddings and concerts in mind. We have a magnificent Austin pipe organ, a grand piano, and space for string orchestra as well.

Our church home has been the setting for weddings of its members as well as for those living far and wide who have selected this very special place in which to be married. Our surround balcony provides additional vantage points from which to photograph or videotape the service. The elongated nature of our parking lot easily accommodates a stretch limo or horse-drawn carriage and yet leaves ample room for guests’ cars as well. The church parlor functions as a dressing room for the bride and her attendants so that they can have the privacy they need prior to the wedding service.

The Team
When a couple chooses First Presbyterian as the setting for their wedding, an entire team goes into action to support and facilitate the process. The pastor meets with the couple for pre-marriage counseling, the wedding coordinator consults on all the finer details, the church secretary puts together a wedding bulletin, the organist consults on appropriate music, the sexton makes sure the church is clean before and after and rings the carillon bell in the tower announcing the nuptials to the local community. It is a joyous time for everyone as bride and groom receive guests as they move outside the front doors to the sound of the bells pealing forth.

The Details
Here is a checklist of things we take care of for you.


  • Calms nervous grooms with refreshments or a totally true story from his repertoire.
  • Meets with the couple for spiritual and practical counseling prior to the wedding
  • Sensitively guides the couple through the rehearsal and the service

Wedding Coordinator

  • Coordinates any deliveries prior to the service (flowers, candelabra, etc.)
  • Acts as liaison between the couple and everyone else involved
  • Cues the organist as to when to begin sections of the service (seating of the parents, bridal attendants’ march, bride’s march, etc.)
  • Troubleshoots anything that needs attention—delayed limo; missing groom; wedding guests unable to find the church.
  • Maintains a checklist of items to ensure that the service runs smoothly.
  • Has smelling salts and water ready in case someone faints.


  • Interviews and assists the couple with selecting appropriate music
  • Rehearses with soloists (vocal or instrumental)
  • Provides prelude music as guests are being seated, then plays the service

Church Secretary

  • Consults with the couple about what they would like included in their special service bulletin and helps them decide on special covers as a keepsake for those attending.
  • Typesets and prints the wedding service programs and has them ready for distribution by the ushers.


  • Makes sure that the physical surroundings of the church are exactly right for the service and removes anything unsightly that may show up in photographs.
  • Makes sound level checks prior to the service.

Special Themes
Past weddings have included a candlelight service, a bagpiper, a dog as ring bearer, classic cars driven by guests, motorcycles, a string quartet, an antique Model T, a red carpet champagne sendoff, a harpist, an Irish tenor – we are very flexible as to the individual needs of the couple to make their wedding day a very special one.

Wedding Package Fee
Each member of our church staff works to make your wedding day unique and as stress-free as possible. We are there to hold your hand throughout the planning process. Our wedding coordinators have years of experience and are expert at calming frazzled nerves.

Call Pastor David Kingsley at (845) 294-7991 to arrange a consult and reserve a date for your wedding day.