Board of Deacons
A ministry of compassion and service.

Moderators of Deacons: Carolyn Keller and Carol Gabella

Class of 2018

Laura Colacci

Ian Depew

Wendy Donahue

Paty Glasse

Gregg Piller

Jennifer Piller

Wendy Wade

Class of 2019

Liese Boese

Margaret Dickover

Jon Hourahan

Carolyn Keller

Jody Kopec

Logan Quick

Felicia Van Doran

Class of 2020

Diane Church

Carol Gabella

Jane Geyer

Mary Kopec

Betty Lobb

Charlie von Pentz

Nancy Warner

The office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. It is responsible to the Session for the welfare, oversight and relief of the needy and overall service to the church and its members. It is composed of 21 members, and lead by a moderator who is chosen by the group. Deacons meet once a month following worship service.

The Deacons prepare the sanctuary for all worship services. That includes taking care of the church linens and candles, polishing the brass, preparing the baptismal font, serving as ushers (also at funerals) and preparing and serving communion, alternating months with the Session.

The Deacons traditionally provide Palm Sunday Breakfast, host a congregational picnic in June and green the church in December. They also raise funds for the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund for people in need.